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Vauxhall ECO TEC 1.6 Lt. Multec

The double ended coil in this particular case, differs from many other systems as it has the ignition amplifier built into the coil pack. The coil/amplifier pack will have 4 electrical connections. The pack receives a 12 volt supply from the ignition switch, has an independent earth return and the remaining two connections are in the form of a 5 volt 'squarewave' digital signal from the Electronic Control Module (ECM).
The ECM will receive information from the engines sensors and calculates the point of ignition by the ECM from its internal pre-set parameter. At the designated point, the 5 volt supply drops to zero volts, signaling the amplifier to remove the earth path on the coil primary, firing the coil.

The coil/amplifier pack has two separate sides (one for cylinders 1 + 4 and the other for cylinders 2 + 3). Using an oscilloscope with dual trace both circuits can be monitored and it can be seen that the coils are fired alternately, as the example shows.


Parallel measurement is one of the ways in which we do measure vehicle electronics. This way of measurement gives you the values going into and out from the ECU*.
All the values are displayed in real time.
The connection to the car is fitted between the ECU and the ECU harness using one of our cable adaptors

The Parallel way of measuring is in many cases the only way to measure on cars from the time before OBD. But even on cars with OBD the Parallel measure is of a great value when it comes to the exact localisation of a fault.

*ECU = Electronic Control Unit


Serial measurement is the most common way to perform tests on vehicle electronics. In modern cars a standard connector can be found. From this connector we read the cars diagnostic system codes and data’s. This diagnostic system is called OBD (On Board Diagnostics).

By this technology it is in most cases also possible to activate components, turn off service lamps, erase fault codes. test airbag components, re-program immobiliser units,keys, and read Data.

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