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Computers have changed cars out of all recognition. The current trend ensures ever more sophisticated engine management and electronic systems being fitted to even the smallest and cheapest of cars. The use of complex electronic systems by vehicle manufacturers is not just limited to engine performance or emission standards, but many other vehicle systems, such as air bag, safety restraint systems, electronic dash boards, climate control, in car entertainment, imobaliser, traction control, braking, steering and drive train are now electronically controlled. The list just goes on and on.
In the very near future even the simplest of service activities will bring the service technician into direct contact with the peripherals of electronically controlled systems.
Also under European legislation all new vehicles Since January 2000 must have On Board Diagnostics (OBD).

It is not unusual to find 10,12 even 14 computers on one car, there are some BMW's out there with 26 computers on board, all talking to each other, so you can see how far motor vehicle technology and diagnostics have come.
The latest advancement has been CAN bus systems or multiplexing as it is sometimes known, this is where the on board computers all share information from the vehicles sensors.

For example, an ABS wheel speed sensor will provide information through the bus line to the engine management computer and the transmission computer for road speed information. The same signal may be picked up by the instrument cluster control unit to drive an electronic speedometer display. The ABS computer will use it and the traction control computer may also use it, so if that sensor fails it is possible to have fault codes stored and logged in several of the cars computers.
We then have to interrogate each of the computers to retrieve the code, and then we need to understand the function chain of the system to get to the root cause of the problem. Once the fault has been repaired we then have to delete the fault codes from each of the computers. Failing to delete the codes may leave the vehicle with limited derivability or as often said in limp home mode.

Diagnostic Services

We are an "Autocom" diagnostic centre, fully equipped to carry out work on problems concerning the most up to date systems i.e. fuel injection, engine management, ABS braking, traction control, Climate control, Airbag, safety restraint systems, Dashboard correction and diesel engine management, (yes diesel engines now have the same amount of complexity)
We repair engine management related faults that other repairers and main dealers may find difficult. We use the latest laptop PC driven oscilloscopes to carry out fault finding and our vast array of specialist equipment is up graded every 3 to 4 months via the Internet.


Parallel measurement is one of the ways in which we do measure vehicle electronics. This way of measurement gives you the values going into and out from the ECU*.
All the values are displayed in real time.
The connection to the car is fitted between the ECU and the ECU harness using one of our cable adaptors

The Parallel way of measuring is in many cases the only way to measure on cars from the time before OBD. But even on cars with OBD the Parallel measure is of a great value when it comes to the exact localisation of a fault.

*ECU = Electronic Control Unit


Serial measurement is the most common way to perform tests on vehicle electronics. In modern cars a standard connector can be found. From this connector we read the cars diagnostic system codes and data’s. This diagnostic system is called OBD (On Board Diagnostics).

By this technology it is in most cases also possible to activate components, turn off service lamps, erase fault codes. test airbag components, re-program imobaliser units,keys, and read Data.

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